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Here, you find latest dates, and general information about our services.

Our Services for You

We don't let you get bored and organise events regulary. That includes study trips (excursions) which may also introduce potential employers to you. One of our major tasks is to represent you in front of lecturers and institutions of the university.

Please have a look at our recent event. There, you will find some impressions about what we do.


Everyone who seeks an employment after graduation or an internship knows that problem: Where should I go? Once in a semester we organise:

We want to introduce potential employers to you. So you get ideas, where you could go after graduating and what the work of a real company is like.


Who does not know our legendary FEIT-Night. While dinking beer and eating some barbecue food, you can listen to a live band. But, we do offer more, in order to bring more diversity in your university every-day-life.

For example the Hot Wine Punch Party in cooperation with the student's coucils of FMB and FVST. We have an international party with our Ukrainian exchange and degree students, the German-Ukrainian evening.

With "Blut für Bier" (blood for beer), you save other people's life. It's simple: You donate blood and get free beer and food from us in exchange at our Donation Party.

In 2013, we established a regular game evening. Our games pools has something for everyone.

Then, we have "meet a professor" evening once in a semester. There you can chat with a professor in a casual atmosphere.

And at least, we organise the orientation week at the beginning of October. Its last event is the freshman journey.

Representation, Committees

An import job is the representation in front of lecturers and institutions of the university. If you have trouble, let us know. We try to find a solution.

We stay in contact with student's representatives in the Faculty's Council and Examination Boards. We are in excellent network of other student's councils, so that we can solve problems that affect a bigger group of students.

This and That

Volunteers wanted!

You see, we offer a lot. But who are the people behind those actions? All the work is done by volunteering students - in their freetime and without salary, of course. We are not only the four members but in addition many hard-working helpers.

Do you like our events? Are you interrested in participation? Great, write us an e-mail or simply show up at one of our regular meetings.

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