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About us


Who are we?

Who is the student body of the faculty FEIT? You! All students of the a faculty form the faulty's student body. Their board is the faculty's student's council. You have active and passive franchise. Together with other faculty's student bodies, we form the student body of the university with the student's council as their highest board.

Evey member of the student's body pays € 6,50 each semester. Half of it is used by the university's student's council for the concerns of all students. The other half is administered by us. Check out our events and other offerings, and you will see where your money is spent.

The Student's Council

The Student's Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (or simply FaRa-FEIT) consists of four elected students of the FEIT who work voluntarily. We campain for your concerns and organise events.

If you have questions or trouble in your studies, we will lend you an ear. Simply write us an e-mail or come to our office. Same, if you are interrested in volunteering as well. Maybe we meet at some of our events.

We adminster the membership fees and turn them over into many interresting and diversified events for you. Our work is transparent, our regular meetings are public as well as the protocols (unfortunately only available in German). Our work is tied to rules (unfortunately only available in German yet).

Our functions

We need your help!

You see, we offer a lot. But who are the people behind those actions? All the work is done by volunteering students - in their freetime and without salary, of course. We are not only the four members but in addition many hard-working helpers.

Do you like our events? Are you interrested in participation? Great, write us an e-mail or simply show up at one of our regular meetings.

It doesn't matter if you just support us during our events (i.e. setting it up) or if you want to be elected. We are always in huge need of committed students!

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